Our Story

Uganda Hosting was founded by Ali Abdul Rehman at the age of 14. At the time Ugandan businesses wanted to have a presence online. At this time majority of Ugandans where still using dial up or Edge GSM which was offered by MTN. After the landing of the first undersea fiber which was laid down by Seacom. A boom in web hosting orders where observed as all corporations wanted to build their online presence. At this time all others web hosting companies where essentially resellers and didn’t own any infrastructure or understanding of the core function of Web Hosting.

Uganda Hosting was one of the first company to own infrastructure and servers in three locations: UK, Germany and Uganda. With this growth the company focused on diversification and introducing innovative ICT services.

Our current projects are working on what will be the new 5G fixed internet as capacity can be delivered effectively on this new technology.

Though our investors are not Ugandan based and we have no obligation to reveal who they are. From day one our agreement is they are not going to interfere with our operations

Ultimately our story is a small web hosting company started by a entrepreneur at the age of now has operations in three countries and is working to ultimately connect Uganda to the world not only in terms of ICT but also logistics. We are proud of what we have accomplished and continue provide solutions which are tailored to. Uganda. As we feel all other multinational companies generalize Africa as one country which leads to products that don’t work.