Our Story

Uganda Hosting was founded by Ali Abdul Rehman at the age of 14. What our founder realized from day 1 is companies and vendors sell generic products and typically assume that Africa is a country and not a continent. What may work in South Africa can fail in Uganda because these are two different markets. Technology is a service which can not be generalized it’s simple we all have different tastes.

Uganda Hosting was one of the first companies to own infrastructure and servers in three locations: UK, Germany and Uganda. Due to this we can troubleshoot issues much more efficiently than other companies.

Our current projects are working on what will be the new 5G fixed internet as capacity can be delivered effectively on this new technology. As of now the cost of bandwidth is not high but what the issue is we are a landlocked country and fiber comes in from the border of Kenya and Tanzania this infastructute is very costly to maintain. However in 2008 1 Mbps could cost up to 330 USD and now 1 Mbps costs 20 to 35 USD so there is progress still a long way to go as research and development will be key in bringing costs down.

Though our investors are not Ugandan based and we have no obligation to reveal who they are. From day one our agreement is they are not going to interfere with our operations

Ultimately our story is a small web hosting company started by a entrepreneur at the age of now has operations in three countries and is working to ultimately connect Uganda to the world not only in terms of ICT but also logistics.