What is Budget Hosting ?

One of the most asked question is what the difference is between Budget Hosting and Hosting with an SLA and why there is a price difference.

On our budget hosting packages we use refurbished servers and only one upstream provider. This brings costs down drastically as operating costs are much lower. The major issue with this platform is we are not able to issue a SLA (Service Level Agreement) in essence if the server or upstream provider encounters issues we are not liable for the downtime.

Hosting where we provide a SLA are services where we are fully liable for any downtime and maintaining the server. This is called Managed hosting. We actually own the data centre ASN 328143 so these are not leased servers from another company they are ours so we then are able to say we are able to maintain a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

We hope this will clarify any queries you may have on the products we offer